Croatia, Central Dalmatia

I personally checked the water area many times and described in detail by our instructor and columnist Alexey Romanov

The main thing you need to know when you go to Croatia is that the service and friendliness here are significantly higher than in Italy on the contrary. Legend has it that Croatia is a place where Italians go to try a service they missed in Italy. It doesn't get too windy here in summer, so let's assume that we have a lounge cruise, and if it's windy, you'll figure it out yourself.

Region Zadar et Sibenik it is really picturesque, although it is somewhat oversaturated with yachts during the high season — from summer to the second half of autumn. Most marinas are comfortable and modern, and the old towns and national parks are quite cool. But you will have to pay for this at a slightly higher rate than, for example, in Greece.

There are two reasons to start from here: the archipelago's close proximity Kornati Islands and the national park Krka. Both of these places are worth visiting not only because of their beauty, but also because of all the interesting things along the way. The logistics of reaching charter bases from the airport in this area are a little more complicated, but when did that stop you? In addition, there are more marinas here and fewer people.

When we want to visit Kornati and Krka, we choose the southern direction from Zadar or the surrounding marinas (Sukosan, Kornati). But the whole thrill of the region is that you can start from almost anywhere in the region, except for the archipelago — charter flights are everywhere. For example, by choosing a marina as a start Frapa, first you will go north, visiting all the same locations. In this case, just read the guide from the bottom up.

NB! When settling down for the night, remember that islands and anchors can have a lot of bees. Let all allergy sufferers take their antihistamines. In general, bees and wasps fly often; it's better not to leave food in the cockpit.

NB! If you are planning to leave Zadar or Sukosan directly to the Kornati Islands, try to avoid the local equivalent”bridge of fools”. If gazelles get stuck under them in the country, here are yachts with a high mast. Yes, this is a terrible joint on the part of the locals, and you'll have to do a lot of detours. But it's still cheaper than a deposit for broken rigging.

When driving along the coast, you'll be the first to meet Murter Island. In the north of Murter, there is an archipelago that provides a large number of cool anchorages. This is a good option for spending the night on the very first day in case of early check-in. But even if you leave Sukosan in the middle of the day or late in the evening, you can still come here before dark. For those who like to moor, there is marina Hramina and a few more, information about which is easy to find online. Murter is connected to the mainland by a small drawbridge with a clear timetable. But the window is so small that it's easier to walk around the island from the west. On the west coast, there are excellent anchorage, quite popular during the season. However, if you are confused by the sight of someone else's genitals, it's better to pass by — a nudist beach with an SAP rental can make an indelible impression on you.

On the way to Sibenik, there are good anchor for three or four boats. In one corner, you can stretch out to opposite shores as mooring grounds and enjoy yourself to the fullest. The shores are uninteresting, albeit beautiful. There is a lot of crumbling rock — be careful when walking, although there is almost nothing to do on the shore.

Sibenik City by some miracle, it did not succumb to the Yugoslav “scoop” almost completely. Therefore, its architecture can drive a hardened cultural expert crazy with a pile of eclecticism from all times and styles that have ever stayed here. People in Sibenik love art very much; it's hard to miss an exhibition or jazz concert — just check out the posters.

You can stand here in two ways: for normal money with amenities and for ridiculous money with a show-off. Marina Mandalina provides the first option, including mandatory assistance on the boat. The second option is presented city promenade with a mooring pier — zero amenities, but in the historic center, and in some places you can find a water hose in the bushes. From the sea, you enter the waters of Sibenik through a picturesque canal with a fortress and defensive structures called “Hitler's Eyes”.


They sell on the way to Skradin fresh clams straight from the farm — they are generally rubbish, and they are extremely tasty. There are several farms there, you can borrow to anyone.

The city of Skradin and marina of the same name. You can also get up at buoys nearby — they are cheaper. Skradin himself is handsome but small. A ship goes from him to Krka National Park's large waterfall You should definitely go there in the morning and anchor the lake in the evening, which happened along the way (description below). Tickets are on sale hereto, it's better to know the schedule in advance, and go not during the heat of the day, but early in the morning. You can't swim in the waterfall, but you can.

Anchorage on the lake on the way to or from Skradin. On the shore, there is a bar with a dingy dock and a large projection screen. Very peaceful and calm, there is no wave even with a fair amount of wind.

Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. Officially, the most luxurious marina in the region today (Marina Kastela is also fighting for this title, but it is much farther away). There is a spa, restaurants of various cuisines, a hotel, a strip club with pool windows, a natural park with a beautiful lake and jumping cliffs, and even a large conference hall if you decide to hold a shareholders' meeting. You don't have to visit all this if you prefer the town ravaged by the “scoop” nearby, or if you're not too lazy to take a walk further to the old town.

Further southeast, I didn't find anything particularly noticeable until the very beginning. Trogir et Split. These are beautiful cities, and if you start from here with the intention of going northwest, you're not at all wrong. Just arrive in advance or stay a couple of days after the cruise to take a walk here too. A convenient location to start is the marina Kastela, located in the area between Trogir and Split. This is a large, comfortable and friendly harbor with many services. To the west of Kastela, there is a small Kastelac Castle, where some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed. But don't be deceived — these scenes were definitely not the most majestic:)

A special feature of Kastela is its very closed water area, where there is no big wave in almost any wind. If there is wind, this place is ideal for sailing practice. Just remember that summer may not be windy here for weeks.

A few more points that might seduce you:

Marina Tribunj with a picturesque old town on an island with a bridge.

Nice city buoy parking. But if the southeast is blowing and there is a wave, don't even come in, adok.

Beautiful anchorage with a view of the medieval wall of Ostriţa.

The Kornati archipelago takes its name from the Italian “incoronato” or “coronato”, which means “crowned”. Locals disagree somewhat about what exactly is meant by the crown here, but the very type of mountains that characteristically rise from the sea is called “crowns”. However, maybe the term also came from a toponym.

Climbing crowns is prohibited, but you can dive to the reefs and see the sights. The reef life here is varied and rich in inhabitants. Attractions include the remains of Illyrian settlements, a 6th-century Byzantine fortress, and a giant memorial to firefighters who died while extinguishing the islands in 2007. It is quite rich for a desert archipelago.

Parking in the Kornati archipelago is possible both at anchor and in fully equipped marinas or at restaurant berthes/buoys:

Marina Zhut on the island of the same name, there are mooring pontoons, buoys and a restaurant with a dock nearby. There's really a lot of space.

Marina Pishkera on the island of the same name, there are pontoons, as well as some questions about depths and periodicity. So don't rush to the marina, but contact us by radio and wait for instructions from the assistants.

There are many places in the region that may be of interest — I have mentioned only key ones that have been visited several times. All bridges except the one mentioned above are passable, just stay close to the center. There are many small straits you should avoid, but they're all on maps.

Marinas should be booked in advance, preferably a couple of days in advance, otherwise there is a chance to come to the cue ball. Fortunately, there are entire aggregator sites for this purpose, and you don't need to pay in advance.

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