The AFR X regatta is over

60 yachts and more than 450 participants

The tenth anniversary AFR regatta finished on October 21. In 8 years and 10 regattas, the project has grown from a small race for Seanation school graduates into the largest Russian-language regatta. Today, AFR has a fleet of 60 yachts, different divisions for beginners and more experienced captains, and concerts by truly great musicians. This year we were joined by: Kasta, AloEvera, Tequilajazzz and NomadShapito by Vasya Zorky and Denis Lipatov.

At the same time, it is still a regatta for amateurs, which means that anyone who has chosen yachting as a hobby can compete on equal terms with other non-professionals.

This year's winners are:

CRUISING Division:

1st place — CHICKEN ATTACK team (captain Dmitry Kurochkin)

2nd place — Krasnoperka team (captain Maxim Krasnoperov)

3rd place — Sail & Chill team (captain Konstantin Shilov)

RACING Division:

1st place — ROSE WIN 🍷 ERS team (captain Alexander Antonov)

2nd place — team 42 (captain Egor Ivlev)

3rd place — Muchachos Rapidos team (captain Dmitry Brevdo)

Congratulations and see you next year!