Seanation CUP Offshore

We are actively recruiting sailors for this regatta

Seanation CUP Offshore is a regatta for advanced amateur yachtsmen held annually in the Canary Islands.

Who is this regatta for?

Seanation CUP Offshore is a rare opportunity for an amateur captain to compete on equal terms with other similar yachtsmen in the open ocean.

Firstly, this test reveals how the offshore sailing format, without going ashore, generally suits you personally. For example, many people dream of a transatlantic, having only experience in bonded coastal yachting. This regatta is an excellent way to try it out before embarking on a vast journey that will never leave it. In addition, it improves your tactical and night navigation skills while providing that fantastic feeling of being in the open ocean.

Dates — January 20-27

Start/finish — Tenerife

Total distance — about 450 nautical miles

Time of journey — about 4-5 full days in the ocean

Fleet — 6 monohull yachts

The estimated cost of participation is 1000-1200 euros.

Team captains are recruiting sailors. Requirements for applicants: at least some minimal sailing experience (this shouldn't be your first day on a boat) and a desire to be useful and actively participate in the team's duties: working shifts, working with ropes, learning new things.